Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its just a Tuesday entry

Yesterday I order this for the department use and its approved by the 3 bosses (yeay! no more DSC-N2 :p) 

this one..I forgot to put together inside the purchasing request..(LOL! sure boss will deduct your salary!)

could be the most outstanding lens! - boleh dapat as redemption gift sebab beli note tak menda alah menatang ni?

Anyway, walau apa pun yang anda mahu berusaha lah semampu anda \(^_^)/, Maybe lastnite I say the wrong word and act the wrong way also at the wrong time...when everythings was wrong you just shut up close your mouth but open your eyes to read this whateva entry.Chilled!

**Mama: Bila nak kuar entry pintu gerbang Puan J? (perggh..nama macam J Bling2..:D)


  1. assalam..ehem ..semua pic.yg diatas tu menggoda mama !!..agak2 ada tak sesiapa nak adiahkan salah satu kat mama?..ha2x..

  2. nk smsung note jgk.. tpi yg dpt note book je.. :(

  3. mama:ada....menantu mama wahahaha!

    Puan Nunu: adalah jugak notenyer...dr i ni footnote jer yg dpt ....hampessss


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