Friday, August 14, 2009

.::PrEsEnTs of the MonTh::.

To my readers above is my presents of the month, my bf gave the DVD and beaded shirt as he said that i do like beads & watching DVD, and for the pyjama pant i bought it myself last evening at just only RM6..nice and chip thats awesome!

p/s: dear my bf thanks a lot with those present u broke ur limit already, luv you yea~~ cool!!!

p/s: dear gee i noe u will jealous with the pyjama pant! gotcha..mmuaahh!


  1. yes i do jealous =( mane ang carik..???
    ni baru nak solat n i'll pick up u around 6pm

  2. hahhaha aku suka ang jelous =p aku accidently ternampak kat giant so i just bought it lah..i think it worth it tambah2 org last yang grab it huhhuhuhu

  3. bout da looney tunes 2??
    nma xmnetion kt cni??oopppss..

  4. aku tekeh gak si teddy nie...hahahahah looney tunes is private and confodential


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