Friday, August 14, 2009

.::t0DaY is a sUck DaY::.

Hye dude..nak citer sket harini aku pergi klinik org asli belakang BMI, what a suck! Org kaunter kata aku tak leh masuk pasal aku bukan org it a very good excuse rite?? what a i not really asli for them?? i do have my ic (intergratted chip) to format their brain, i also born in Malaysia what...what a double standard, they asked me to come back at 2.45pm but what for rite?? I have headache and serious flu these three days...cannot concentrate on my studies in class..but then what to do I am not doctor's daughter,sis or anyone..thats what Malaysian culture always double standard and take it as nothing if ur flu come out like broken tap.

This is not my first time face those bad serviced from clinics, but this is my 3rd time around Gombak. Firstly at Klinik Keluarga Sri Gombak opposite the KFC, 2ndly Klinik Pakar next to KFC Ong Tai Kim Ibu Kota and today at JHEOA hospital batu 9 Gombak. So...moral of the story today is dont go to the clinics if you just get fever+flu+irritation+eyes infection+stomachache+trouble with digest system+headache+sore throat+vomit+nausea+gastric etc...coz they will say this to you "alah baru sikit, baru bape hari jer.." this i mean for those who work at gov hospitals or clinics, at private clinics lakss they will say this "sakit apa?umur berapa?? muda2 dah macam ni awak nak mati awal ke??" thats what i have to listen after for 5 days i got serious for alternative as i'm very frustrated with those service i search and do some experiment with those tradiotional mixture.

Here is what i did today after my mum asked me to do that as she noe very well I hate clinics and hospitals this year:

Mix the pure Coconut water + Arjua Dates and selawat 3 times and drink it as usual. The result is my flu were gone immediately, now i just got little fever only, hope after i pray and drink the second round mixture tomorrow i may get well soon! =) thank you mummy! love u so much and its really work on me.=)

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  1. slm auntie aini mama nunu,auntie pun dah buat blog..he..follow u all lah wat blog...he...he


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