Friday, August 14, 2009


~~For those who want to learn how to appreciate people that ♥love♥ you~~

"Dont leave the one who LOVE us for the one who we LIKE or want, coz the one who we LIKE will leave us for the one they LIKE and want too. Dont try to grab what we LOVE but LOVE the one who LOVE us now and maybe forever... Life dont have to be too perfect, Life dont have to be too rich and Life dont have to be so happy and wonderful all the time..but as long as we have someone who are care, trust, sincere, honest, willing to sacrifice, cry & happy together, protective, jealous, supportive and LOVE us, our life will coloured for the rest of our life such as rainbow or lollipop. Whatever happen our mind has to be so positive and keep remember about the rainbows or lollipops that both of you have done together,just look back how happy both of you before and in the future too insyallah"

~~~~~Dear SIZAR thanks so much only Allah can pay your kindness and your to me, and I just wondering why Allah dont make this faith long time ago~~whatever it is I do you as how much you me...thanks again ~~~~~

Remember my dear readers:

~~Grab 5 great things before come 5 worst things~~

  1. Young before Old

  2. Healthy before Sick

  3. Rich before Poor

  4. Relax before Busy

  5. Life happily before Death angle come to you....

(Hadith Riwayat Muslim and Tirmizi from Amru bin Maimun r.a.)


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