Thursday, August 20, 2009

.::Thursday Again (week 5)::.

Its Thursday again guys...huhuhuhuhuhu a day that I want to skip actually, this morning i came to class early around 7.40am i reach BMI's car park...but then when i step in to the class no one there because mdm was MC...huhuhuhu but anyway its okay i have another matter to do... with Miss Sabrena..I have to do my MircoC, Semiconductor and Discrete...huhuhuhu what a busy day today but I still have time for my blog...thats why I love my blog...
hurmmmm anyway thanks to sub and yat because they allow me to borrow their books, notebook and room hahhahaha wht ever it is I am so excited for tommorow because i'm going back to my hometown!!!
p/s: Its about 6-8 weeks I miss someone in JB...=(


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