Friday, September 4, 2009

.::Busy BeiNG MaNageAbLe::.


Hye to all my frens this new post is actually just to
make some annoucement to all my frens and to say
sorry why I dont have much time withall of you.
It isbecause I am really busy this 2 weeks
before the coming up EiD because there are 4 assignments
are under construction status:
(really hope all my frens understand and
can help me to go through this hard peak time!)
1. Signal (submit on week 8)
2. Discrete (submit on week 8)
3. Communication Signal (submit on week 8)
4. Professional Communication II (submit draft b4 holiday)
5.Communication System Lab2 (submit b4 holiday)

Coming up test & phase test:

1. Signal (13/09/09 sunday 9-10.45 am)
2. Discrete (15/09/09 tuesday 3-4.30pm)
3. Communication Signal (8/09/09 tuesday 8-9am)
4. MicroController (10/09/09 thursday 12.15-2.15pm)
5. Semiconductor Technology II (11/09/09 friday 10am-12pm)

Coming up project:

1. Semiconductor Technology II (is about ic design with our new lect Dr.Amer)

Under go project:

1. Final Year Project (need to finish b4 next sem)

"JIM akan beraya pada tahun depan (tahun ni mmg tak dpt raya)
krn memikirkan kesibukan dunia dan kesesakan kewangan
Adakah mungkin ini Ramadhan & Aidilfitri yang terakhir???
Semoga Allah memberi peluang JIM menikmati
Ramadhan dan Aidilfitri akan datang
bersama2 yang tersayang. Amin...."

p/s:tQ to myB0o coz you being so supportive at the moment that i really need it. Love ya~


  1. best of step by smart & enjoy d life:-)

  2. yeah! enjoy my books,notes,tutorials and assignments this weeks!!!


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