Friday, October 12, 2012

Now Boarding : Vietnam


A very good morning, today is Friday 12th October 2012 and I love to travel walllaaaaaa, I will just be in Ho Chi Minh in a few hours. This time I get an overwhelming urge to escape and to just drop everything (my office desk) and blah! Last night I was packed my stuff, and the first thing I throw inside the luggage was my tripod wahahaha. Can you just imagine how important the tripod to me compared to smartphone?? @#$%^

Whatever it is, this time was a sudden trip (can I say like that?) of course I can, as long as my passport is valid, ticket and flight is available & paid, and most important is your boss have no idea and accidentally click approved to your leave application without asking! Bingo! Now I have to off my cellphone before it ring and won't stop wahahahaha.

I never expect that, I will do this when a bulk of document and file are mess on my desk.This is awesome!Lalalalalalala.Life like heaven in this 4D/3N. I just checked in and ready to fly! Bye \(^_^)/~
.::Semoga perjalanan ku hari ini dan seterusnya dipermudahkan,insyAllah. Bismillahi tawakaltualallah::.

Mission: Mekong floating market

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  1. bercuti senyap2 je ye.. uwaaa... nk ikut.. :(

  2. hye cik nunu...cik nunu tue pergi ke jonker street pun senyap2 jer yer...
    jim kat lobby hotel ni...ada sediakan PC untuk hotel guest so senang lah nak hupdate lepas bershopping...seyes banyak sangat yang dijual kat sini...pening dengan mata wang VDong dia kat sini huhuhuhu (^_^)

  3. holiday sambil survey tempat nak `berhoney2x` nanti ek?..wakaka..hepi holiday dear.. :)

  4. mama:hahahha tak lah mana ada survey nak berhoney2, mama pun happy holiday!

  5. miss jim banyak shopping kain2 utk ehem..ehem nanti?..camne mama nak mandi kat pool tu..sejuk bangat !!!..wakaka.. :)


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